Know Your Grower: 10 Questions to Ask to get quality CBD

The best quote we’ve heard in a while about the CBD industry is that it seems to inspire one of two reactions in people: “unjustified fear” or “unjustified greed.” Sadly, it’s a vicious cycle: many ordinary people are afraid of using CBD oil as a supplement (lack of knowledge, scary news reports and other information contribute to that), and unscrupulous manufacturers are everywhere, selling fraudulent or even toxic product (giving us something to be perhaps justifiably afraid of).   Interestingly, said this way, we see parallels to another industry: the food industry, where forces clash seemingly daily to prove one industrially created edible product is good while another is bad in an endless cycle that leaves everyone confused and simply filling their plates daily with guilt.

Fortunately, we also see a similar solution to both issues. Just as joining a CSA or buying local produce or meat from a grower, in person or through a closely connected third-party helps you be sure of the quality and provenance of the things you’re putting in your body, knowing your hemp grower does the same for the CBD consumer.

But I can walk down to the farmers’ market this Saturday and look my local strawberry farmer in the eyes, but I’m unlikely to pay a visit to my regional hemp grower, you may say. True. But we would like to offer up a set of questions that might be helpful when shopping around for the highest quality hemp supplement locally and online. Our advice: troll the company’s website, email customer service, or phone them up.

These 10 inquiries will get you closer to knowledge, which as we all know, is power.

  1. What strain of cannabis does the CBD (Hemp Extract) come from and what are its characteristics?
  2. Environment matters! Where is it grown? Is the soil organic?
  3. How is it grown? Is it grown from seed or from clones?
  4. How is it harvested, dried and cured?
  5. What part of the plant is used to extract CBD and what method of extraction is used?
  6. Is the CBD derived from whole plant / full spectrum or isolate?
  7. Does the company have lab tests for all products? How about certifications for organically grown or other?
  8. How and where is the CBD extracted, bottled, packaged?
  9. Does your Hemp Extract product contain any added sugars, flavors, coloring or preservatives?
  10. What did the upper management of the company do before they became key organizers of the company?

Now, how does AFC answer these questions? Check back right here for part two.

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