Cannabis is Positive Force for Change


In Hemp We Trust

CBD products are a trend. The power of good cannabis science is infinite.

As the Cannabis industry becomes more mainstream it’s also attracting snake-oil salesmen and opportunists seeing a growth market full (literally and figuratively) of green. AFC is small, grower connected, science and quality obsessed, and here for both the opportunity strong demand brings, and the chance to use its momentum to impact legislation and to further the science surrounding cannabis and hemp.

We began at the start of the green revolution.

When we started AFC, hemp and cannabis were highly criminalized and scrutinized. Only an elite circle of scientists knew the true medical and industrial potential of Cannabis Sativa L. As a result, credible, science-based information was scarce. Today, a lot has changed, but we still have a long way to go. Cannabis is still a Schedule 1 drug. Prisons still overflow with cannabis related arrests, and it's still difficult and dangerous for consumers to find quality cannabis products.

We see people forced from their homes to become “cannabis medical refugees.”

As the states move painfully slowly to decriminalize medical and adult cannabis use, we are witnessing firsthand the creation of a new kind of refugee: the cannabis medical refugee, people forced to relocate to cannabis friendly states in order to get the relief they need.

We use science to affect change.

As the prohibition of cannabis products began to crumble, the market flooded with dishonest, unregulated products and too many “experts.” We knew the industry could do better, so we made science, truth and transparency our focus, and serve as a vocal advocate and supporter of the cannabis movement and safe access to quality products.

Individually, we are quality obsessed.

Cannabis product connoisseurs, wellness warriors, and spiritual seekers working to produce products that meet our high standards and debunk the global social stigma that comes from 80 years of prohibition. 

As a company, we partner only with knowledge and category leaders.

Super-humans who produce results, do their due diligence, and back up their claims with real science and rigorous research. Our producers and extractors are US-based agricultural experts with experience in cultivating organic, sustainable hemp products on an industrial scale. No backyard growers or bathtub extractors here. 

We stand to make a difference.

We sponsor organizations like MM4M (Minorities for Medical Marijuana), develop digital advocacy campaigns for cannabis products, cultivate research partnerships with physicians, nurses and veterinarians, and assist those who cannot afford our products. We stand to make a difference. You can stand with us.

Hemp could change your life today.