• Hemp changes everything.

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Hello from Anna + Calvin!

Hemp can change your life. It changed ours.

Our founders began their journey into the hemp and cannabis industry like many others: hungry for credible information and let down by big promises and false claims, but in need of help that traditional medicine couldn’t seem to give.


Hemp is a plant, not a problem.

We believe that every person in the world has the right to legal access of the highest quality cannabis-derived products. So, we stand for it every day, through education, outreach, and industry-changing research. 


We create products for change.

AFC’s philosophy is simple: The more good you put into something, the more good comes out. Our good comes from the highest quality ingredients available. From intimate involvement in the product-making process. And from personally knowing our growers to dealing directly with scientists, extractors, product designers and production rather than with brokers who do everything behind a curtain. We are present and our passion pervades every part of our product’s journey from seed to sale, soil to oil.

“Trust but verify” is our motto; it is our mission to produce the highest quality hemp extracts available, and assure that they are pure, safe, and true to our potency promises.”

AFC's - Founders

AFC CBD has been amazing!  I’ve been taking CBD for about a year now.  I’m off diabetes medication as my blood sugars are now in the normal range, my triglycerides are down, the rest of my blood work is in the green (normal range).  I sleep much better and it’s been great not to hurt!

- Thank you, Sylvia

"I have recurring BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo) which led to vestibular migraines. 

I began using this CBD oil twice a day and gained relief from the anxiety. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have my quality of life back.  I strongly recommend giving CBD oil a try.  It is a life changer for me."

- Priscilla

The balance and alignment my body has gone through, its hard to express with words. My body is craving less junk and more green. My sleep is so much deeper and fulfilling, walking up fresh and strong.

I am also a keen golfer, the focus and calmness the oil provides has helped my game in energy and recovery. 

- Love and Light, Charles

I can definitely tell when I take the oil, my Fibromyalgia is not as bad. I'm up to 40mg with the oil. I have been taking it in the am after breakfast & at night when I go to bed.

I've had Earl on it and he vows that it helps him relax & sleep.  Just wanted you to know that it is doing good for us and is having an effect.

- Take Care, Ann

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