Our Journey

We began this journey much like you.

We were sick and tired. Frustrated with traditional medicine and desperately searching for a way to feel better but also feel good about what we put in our bodies. We stumbled upon cannabis and hemp as a possible solution and were amazed at the promise that one ancient plant had within it. But we quickly found out that navigating the world of supplements is confusing and full of misinformation, big promises, false claims and convoluted buying experiences.

We decided that if no one else was going to create a truthful, science-backed product, that we would. 

It was a personal quest: Both of us needed something from this wonder-plant, from better sleep to anxiety relief, inflammation reduction to help keeping our guts in check. So we became relentless researchers, took our time educating ourselves, and eventually found our tribe – a global group of like-minded, quality obsessed wellness warriors, doctors, scientist, hemp breeding pioneers, and balance-seekers working to help us produce products that meet the highest standards.

The result is our line of highest quality, whole plant, full-spectrum, hemp supplements; what we call Products for Change

Unlike a lot of trendy CBD companies, we don’t work behind a black curtain. We let science be our guide and honesty be our compass. 

But above all, we believe that when done right, hemp can be a positive force for change in the world. 

Everyone has a right to global access of the highest quality cannabis derived products. But we know that much of the world has been grossly misinformed about the amazing healing properties of the ancient hemp plant. 

We are here to set the record straight – with good science, consumer transparency and honest information, we work to change public opinion worldwide.

Wellness and balance are our life’s goals, but advocacy is our mission. Beyond creating products, we work to promote mindful and responsible cannabis consumption, increase plant-based supplement awareness, cultivate research partnerships with physicians, nurses and veterinarians resulting in progressive legislation – a road that leads to global access and decriminalization.

Why? Because everyone deserves the chance to have cannabis change their lives, today.


In Health and Balance,
Anna Addison & Calvin Landrum
Founders, AFC

Hemp could change your life today.