We began this journey much like you.

Literally sick and tired. Frustrated with the quality of CBD products on the market and let down by false claims and confusing online shopping experiences (but utterly amazed by the multitude of benefits the incredible hemp plant offers), we became obsessed and got busy, searching out quality products and super-humans who back them with real science and rigorous research. It was a personal quest: Each of us needed something from this wonder-plant, from better sleep to anxiety reduction, inflammation reduction to help keeping our guts in check.

So two years ago, we became relentless researchers, took our time educating ourselves, partnered with the best cultivars and sourced the very best raw materials, learned about the latest extraction methods, the hottest medical discoveries from Israel to Harvard Medical School, and began developing our whole-plant philosophy, our product and our most precious resource: long term partnerships with the very best in the industry.

The result: AFC Collective and our AFC Original line of products.

Here’s what’s true:

We don’t cut corners. If we can’t find a quality product or make it from the ground up, then we won’t put it on the market, and once we do, we keep working on it, using what we’ve learned and the support of our industry network to keep pushing the hemp and cannabis industries toward innovation and medical advancement.

Whole-plant is scientifically better. Our AFC Original oil tinctures are whole-plant full spectrum profile concentrates, just as mother nature made them: with naturally rich cannabinoids proven to benefit your body’s ECS or endocannabinoid system, not designer isolates. AFC Original concentrate is also activated and suspended in 100% American-made, 100% coconut based, triple-distilled C8 MCT and has zero lauric acid.

Our business is to sell quality products, but it’s just as important for us to achieve consistency, scalability and be innovative. It all means very little without the right plant genetics, proper soil PH, the right irrigation, and proper harvest and extraction methods. That’s why our praise and gratitude goes to our team of growers and scientists: our raw hemp products are grown and packaged in USA by a rock-star group of agriculturists, geneticists and biologists, and our product is made of the highest quality raw ingredients, not industrial hemp from China harvested by machines.

Our products are 100% American-made, but we’re thinking globally. Together with our “Dream Team” of growers and scientists, we are working to push the global hemp and cannabis industry for legalization, regulation and personal medical customization.

Advocacy is our mission. Beyond creating products, we’re all for promoting mindful and responsible cannabis consumption, regulation of quality product, global legalization and overall consumer responsibility. 

So, stay tuned. We’ll be here often, talking about our products, our trials and triumphs, the science of CBD, policy, legislation, and the wonders of the amazing hemp plant. Join us. Join the Collective.

In Health and Balance,

Anna Addison & Calvin Landrum

Founders, AFC Collective

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