Yes, Fruit, Nut and Seed Lovers, Coconut is the Perfect Superfood

Humble, hairy and a super smart choice for a healthier body and mind, the unassuming coconut is our favorite superfood, and the subject of our affections not only in these early summer months, but kind of all year round. Why? It’s delicious. Incredibly versatile. Using definitions loosely, it’s considered a fruit, a nut and a seed (which is just amazing). And of course because our premium AFC Original hemp extracts are made with MCT C8 oil, among the most power-packed coconut-based oils on the planet.

How do we love thee, coconut? Let us count the ways.

Coconut is awesome for your outside.

The oil of the coconut has been used by women for centuries to nourish hair, making certain types especially sleek and shiny. A unique fat composition makes this possible, and also makes coconut a wonderful natural moisturizer. Smooth it on for soothing irritation relief or to smooth out blossoming wrinkles, or slather on lips for supple kisses (or just less chappy-ness in the colder months). A lesser known factoid: the same properties that make this versatile fruit/nut/seed great for human skin also makes it great for pets. Have an itchy dog? Smooth some on his or her fur and rub it in; it’ll soothe scratchy canine skin the same way it does for you, and coconut’s anti fungal nature adds a secondary benefit.

Coconut is excellent for your insides.

You may already know that refined coconut (darker, more liquid, and less coconut-like in taste and smell) is a super-stable oil with a high smoke-point great for pan and stir frying, but you may not know that ingesting coconut oil gives you the most lauric acid of any food outside of breast milk. And since few of us are making breast milk smoothies on the regular, it’s probably your best bet for loading up on this healthy fat. Those fats, by the way, also are reported to boost immune support and aid in digestion; coconut’s antimicrobial properties fight irritation and fight off gut infection from Candida, an overabundance of yeast that can cause gut discomfort.

Coconut is brilliant for your grey matter.

Perhaps the best coconut benefit might be however that studies show that the medium-chain fatty acids (MCTs) in coconut oils may improve cognitive function, focus and overall mental performance. Other research has shown that these oils can also regulate certain hormone levels, which can also create brain fog when out of balance. Who would have known that delicious muffin baked with coconut oil might have a hand in helping you think more clearly (even if it’s to go grab a second muffin)?

So, you can do very little wrong with the coconut, right? Sort of. There is one warning we’d give: Coconut oil is great for pretty much everything…except smoking. Never smoke coconut oil, including our AFC Original Tinctures. Otherwise, enjoy the superpowers of this superfood in good health. In fact, we’ll join you!

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